Application Of Phycocyanin In The Field Of Research
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Application Of Phycocyanin In The Field Of Research

(1) Natural edible pigment: phycocyanin is water-soluble pigment, non-toxic, pure blue, clear and lovely, can be used as food colorants, cosmetics additives.

(2) Medicines and health food products: phycocyanin in vitro experiments have stimulated erythrocyte colony formation, similar to erythropoietin (EPO) role. Foreign has successfully developed a variety of phycocyanin compound drugs, Japan Kang AIDS Institute has phycocyanin can improve anemia, improve the success of hemoglobin reported. In 1982, Iijima et al. Studied the efficacy of oral administration of phycocyanin in mice to increase the survival rate of injected liver tumor cell mice, and the experimental group mice lymphocyte activity was significantly higher than the control, they think that the protein has immune and anti-disease function. 1986 Harvard Hospital Schwartz and Shklar found Spirulina phycocyanin on some cancer cells have an inhibitory effect.

(3) Biological, chemical and cytological experiments of special reagents: phycocyanin blue and fluorescent, can be used as biology, cytology some photodynamic research reagents.

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