Fluorescent Phycocyanin
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What Is Fluorescent Phycocyanin?

Fluorescent Phycocyanin(FPC) is a novel fluorescent marker that is isolated from Spirulina and has unique optical properties.

FPC can emit strong fluorescence, has good light absorption and high quantum yield, its fluorescence intensity than the commonly used fluorescent strong 30 times in the visible spectrum area has a wide range of excitation and emission.

FPC for fluorescent probes has the following advantages:
(1) has a higher absorption coefficient over a wide spectral range;
(2) have a higher fluorescence yield over a wide pH range;
(3) their fluorescence does not disappear due to the presence of other biomolecules;
(4) have better water solubility;
(5) liquid or solid state is very stable, and can save a long time.

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